Clan: Clones
Mate: Thailog
Name Means: Beautiful Temptress
Episode: (61) The Reckoning
Voice: Salli Richardson

Delilah is a hybrid clone created by Dr. Anton Sevarius for Thailog, using the combined DNA of Demona & Elisa Maza. She was subliminally programmed to be Thailog's perfect companion, totally obedient to him but more intelligence than the other clones. Thailog concealed her existence from Demona until she attacked him to protect Angela. Delilah to her was then revealed and told Demona she was her replacement. Thailog ordered Delilah to kill Angela for him, but Demona released the Manhattan clan before she could. As the Manhattan clan and all the other gargoyles left, Delilah and Angela fought with Delilah losing. After Thailog’s apparent death of Thailog, Delilah and the other clones were taken to the Labyrinth to stay with Talon and the Mutant Clan.  Later, Delilah contracted a degenerative disease as a result of an imperfection in the cloning process.  Unable to get the cure in time, she petrified to stone along with the entire Clone Clan.  Her body was taken to a skyscraper where it currently remains until a cure is developed.
In Greg Weisman's Master Plan, Delilah would have continued to grow, and would have gone out with Goliath on a double date with Elisa and either Jason Canmore or Morgan. She would also have re-encountered Thailog, though the details of this meeting are sketchy. By 2198, she would have a descendent sharing the same name.

Ep 61: The Recokening