Age: 28
Family: Peter (dad)/Diane (mom)/ Derrick aka Talon (brother)/ Beth (sister)
Occupation: Detective
Name Means: Consecrated to God
Episodes: (18) The Mirror/ (20) Eye of the Beholder/ (31) Protection/ (47) Turf/ (49) Eye of the Storm/ (53) Bushido/ (65) Hunter's Moon/ (66) The Journey/ (75) ...For It May Come True
Voice: Sheena Easton

Elisa was the gargoyles' first true modern human friend, showing them the world of 20th Century Manhattan, with plenty of excitement in return, not to mention intense hatred from Demona and an accidental shooting by Broadway. She now keeps her gun locked up. This incident also saddled her with a partner named Matt Bluestone. By nature a loner, this change in her job irked her and ook weeks to adjust to his continual presence. At first Elisa took pains to hide the clan's existence and her connection to them from him. However, when Matt confronted her with the knowledge he gained from a senior Illuminati member, she introduced him to the gargoyles. Now the pair work smoothly together as they do their job while still looking out for the clan's welfare. Elisa also joined Goliath and his daughter Angela, along with Bronx, on a series of quests from Avalon and saved them during their stone sleep more than once. Her loyalty to the Gargoyles goes much deeper than owing Goliath her life. By series end, Elisa realizes she truly loves Goliath and they share a very special moment. After the destruction of the Clock Tower and revelation of the gargoyles to the world, Elisa has continued to fight alongside the clan and them in turn.

According to Greg Weisman, Elisa and Goliath would eventually marry and possibly adopt children, as offspring between them is impossible.

Ep 18: The Mirror
Ep 20: Eye of the Beholder
Ep 31: Protection
Ep 47: Turf
Ep 49: Eye of the Storm
Ep 53: Bushido
Ep 65: Hunter's Moon
Ep 66: The Journey
Ep 75: For It May Come True