Family: Jackal (brother)
Episodes: (6) The Thrill of the Hunt/ (12) Her Brother's Keeper/ (14) Leader of the Pack/ (30) Upgrade/ (44) Grief/ (51) The Green
Voice: Cree Summer

Hyena is the most bloodthirsty member of the Pack recruited along with her brother, Jackal, by Fox, the Pack's leader. Unbeknownst to her, they were actually hired by David Xanatos to see if they were good enough to serve him. Hyena & the rest of the Pack were television stars, but missed real action. Upon learning of the gargoyles Hyena joined in on a brutal hunt which ended in the arrests of Fox & Wolf.  Months later, Hyena & Jackal were told by Fox to steal the Coyote Diamond, an objective masking the real one of luring Derek Maza towards Xanatos. The next step was a botched assassination on Xanatos which ended them both on Riker's Island with the rest of the Pack, save Dingo. She was broken out of prison by Coyote, leaving Fox behind & alive only on Coyote’s intervention. Hyena was attracted to Coyote, and sided with him as both Xanatos then a robot.  Defeated by the gargoyles on the oilrig & robbing banks, Coyote’s head returned & offered the chance for improvements. Hyena was fitted with cybernetic enhancements, including elongating razor fingers, extendable limbs, multi-directional joints, a cybernetic ear, multiple laser & cutting blade weaponry, the ability to fly, & other mechanisms. Again attracted to Coyote & again defeated by the gargoyles, Hyena didn’t reappear until Egypt when she witnessed her brother Jackal become Anubis. Jackal reduced her to an infant for her attraction to the 3rd Coyote robot but was restored. Then she & Jackal worked for Renard Cyberbiotics to rid the gargoyle infestation in Guatemala. Hyena returned to NY to destroy the sun amulet keeping the gargoyles awake but was defeated by Lexington & Broadway, dumped to the police only to later escape. Hyena currently remains at large with Jackal.

In Greg Weisman's Master Plan, Hyena would have gone on to join the Ultra-Pack along with her brother.

Ep 6: The Thrill of the Hunt
Ep 12: Her Brother's Keeper
Ep 14: Leader of the Pack
Ep 30: Upgrade
Ep 44: Grief
Ep 51: The Green