Family: Bodhe (dad)
Spouse: Lennox MacBeth
Son: Luach
Occupation: 10th Century Queen of Scotland
Episodes: (22-25) City of Stone
Voice: Emma Samms

Gruoch’s father was an old friend of Lord Findlaech, the High Steward of Moray & she spent her youth with MacBeth. In 1020 AD, Gruoch saw MacBeth's father slain before her eyes by the Hunter, & almost MacBeth if not for Demona, who saved them both. By 1032 AD, Gruoch & MacBeth were in love & planned to wed, but Gruoch was betrothed to Gillecomgain by Prince Duncan’s order. She & MacBeth had sworn to face any future but MacBeth was persuaded by Bodhe to obey Duncan’s order. Gruoch agreed & wed, wishing for MacBeth to rescue her. Finally he came, having learned Gillecomgain was the Hunter who murdered his father. Again, Demona intervened, and Gillecomgain was thrown from the castle walls, Gruoch nearly joining him. She married MacBeth & ruled by his side for 8 years, bearing a son Luach, until 1040 AD. She defended MacBeth against sorcery charges when he made the pact with Demona & the Weird Sisters, & saw him crowned king after Duncan’s defeat. During his reign, they fought against the Hunter & the English, and fled the castle in defeat after Demona’s betrayal. In their escape, Gruoch & MacBeth was assaulted by Canmore, Duncan’s son & Hunter, who slay MacBeth & thus Demona. Luach discovered her weeping over Macbeth & was crowned by her to be King of Scotland.  Asking for one last moment alone, Gruoch was shocked with the Weird Sisters arrived and Demona awoke. She railed against Demona, blaming her, & then watched her husband awake as well. Unable to have him return with her and unable to abandon her son, Gruoch kissed MacBeth goodbye and left, ending her years alone.

Ep 22-25: City of Stone