Third Race
Alter Ego: Anastasia Renard
Spouse: King Oberon (1st husband)/ Halcyon Renard (2nd husband)
Daughter: Janine Fox Xanatos
Name Means: Great One/ She Who Will Rise Again
Episodes: (46) Walkabout/ (55) Ill Met by Moonlight/ (57-58) The Gathering/ (75) ...For It May Come True
Voice: Kate Mulgrew

Titania’s divorce from Oberon, for her contempt for mortals, caused him to scatter his various children from the island of Avalon among the Earth to learn humility. Cryptic in her manner & highly manipulative of others, although it usually is done for a good cause, Titania decided to learn about science & technology.  Posing as a human named Anastasia she fell for a budding technocrat, Halcyon Renard, & married him. Eventually, she grew bored with him & left, but not before a daughter, Janine or "Fox", was born. Mother and daughter kept in touch & worked on joint projects on occasion. One in particular was in the development of nanotechnology in Australia which went out of control & threatened to the world. This threat was stopped by the trio & Dingo. Titania returned the favor when she provided vital clues to how to defeat Oberon when he returned to reclaim Avalon & expel the trespassers. During the Gathering, Titania urged Oberon to abduct the Alexander Xanatos, Fox’s son, in order to nurture his mystic potential. It was revealed Titania manipulated the situation so either she had the child in the magic nurturing environment of Avalon, or created a high-stress situation to bring Fox's underdeveloped mystical power to the surface thus showing Alexander can be trained in the mortal realm. The latter proved true & Titania left him in Fox’s care & tutelage of Puck.  She reins in Avalon.

Ep 46: Walkabout
Ep 55: Ill Met By Moonlight
Ep 57-58: The Gathering
Ep 75: For It May Come True