Clan: London
Hatched: 1898

Family: Griff (rookery brother), Staghart (rookery brother), Constance (rookery sister), Old Pog (rookery brother)
Mate: Leo
Daughter: Lunette

Occupation: Bookseller
Name Means: One
Episode: (43) M.I.A
Voice: Sarah Douglas

Una operates the occult shop, In to the Mystic, in the Soho district of the London, England.  She met the trio in 1995 and harbored deep resented towards Goliath for surviving when her mate Griff hadn’t.  Using a spell, she rendered them unconscious and hid Angela and Elisa, so when Goliath awoke he was forced to use the Phoenix Gate and travel to 1940 during the Battle of Britain.  There Una met Goliath for the first time and started the chain reaction.  Before Goliath brought Griff back to 1995, Elisa told Una Goliath’s intentions, which she vehemently denied, although Leo said their anger was really with themselves for their previous lack of action and freed them.  Una broke down and agreed.  When Goliath and Griff returned Una apologized and happily reunited with Griff.  Currently, Una and her clan have taken a more active interest outside the shop by protecting the citizens of London.

Ep 43: M.I.A.