Third Race
Brunette: Selene/ Blonde: Phoebe/ Silver: Luna
Names Mean: Goddess of the Moon/ Bright, pure/ Moon
Episodes: (22-25) City of Stone/ (26) Highnoon/ (34-36) Avalon/ (55) Ill Met by Moonlight/ (57) The Gathering pt 1
Voice: Kath Soucie
In 995 AD, they served as Guardians of Avalon, confronting the Magus & company to stop them, but turning into owls from their spell returned. Immediately afterward, the Archmage came & seeking to gain new allies returned them to their normal selves. He asked them to retrieve the Grimorum Arcanorum, Eye of Odin, & the Phoenix Gate. In 1020 AD, the Archmage approached them again, telling them to protect Demona & MacBeth plus "guide their course." The Sisters guided Demona in the form of three hag gargoyles while to MacBeth as hags, ensuring Demona saved MacBeth twice from the Hunter. The sisters also appeared to King Duncan & MacBeth, hailing both as"King of Scotland & father of the king hereafter." In 1040 AD, King Duncan & his armies attacked MacBeth & Demona; the Sisters joined the two in a pact: MacBeth’s youth for Demona’s aid. The spell also linked them so each would feel each other's pain, & neither die unless one destroyed the other. Giving MacBeth a magical globe & saying Duncan ordered his father's murder, they vanished. In 1057 AD, they revealed the 2nd part of the spell & didn’t reappear till 1995 when the city turned to stone. As 3 girls they warned Goliath to never forget life is precious & to stop Demona yet not become like her. At the end of the spell they enchanted Demona to give up the password & put MacBeth to sleep before taking them both. Next they bewitched the two to work together & steal Goldstone along with the Grimorum Arcanorum, Eye of Odin, & Phoenix Gate. Next the newly bewitched pair was taken to Avalon to aid the Archmage. The Sisters slew the Magus but were also caught in iron chains, forced to release Demona & MacBeth before being freed. The Weird Sisters then came to Avalon with King Oberon & Queen Titania, encouraging them to kill the intruders. At the Gathering they served as Oberon’s hunters, capturing the Banshee & offering to retrieve Puck as well. It is unknown what they’re currently up to, but unlike most of Oberon’s children, go largely unpunished.

Ep 22-25: City of Stone
Ep 26: Highnoon
Ep 34-36: Avalon
Ep 55: Ill Met By Moonlight
Ep 57: The Gathering Pt 1