Ep 45: The Hound of Ulster
Ep 57: The Gathering, Pt 1

Third Race
Alter Ego: Molly
Episode: (45) The Hound of Ulster/ (57) The Gathering pt 1
Voice: Sheena Easton

The Banshee's origins are unknown.  Over 2000 years, ago she was the foe of Irish hero Cu Chulainn. Since the banishment of Oberon's Children in 994 AD, she's dwelled in Ulster, Ireland.  Recently the Banshee sensed her foe Cu Chulainn had been reincarnated in Rory Dugan.  Assuming the form of a mortal girl named Molly, she became Rory's girlfriend in order to watch over him. As the Gathering approached in 1996, the Banshee was adamant about not leaving Ireland; this is the time when Angela, Goliath, Elisa and Bronx arrived.  Sensing the trace of Avalon magic about the trio, the Banshee assumed they'd come to retrieve her and attacked.  She also assumed Bronx was the Hound of Ulster and tried to keep him away from Rory to no success.  One night she followed Rory to Cu Chulainn's cairn on his quest to discover his heritage.  There Rory discovered his old weapon the Spear of Light and was reborn.  A battle ensued between the two, the Banshee reverting to Crom-Cruach, the death worm.  She was defeated and a few weeks later, captured by the Weird Sisters and brought to Avalon.  Mocked by Odin she attacked him and the two battled to the amusement of Oberon until Titania's Mirror was threatened.  Then Oberon froze her, and magically wielded a metal band around her mouth, which would remain in place until she showed 'true humility in her silent plea'.  She remains sealed from her voice on Avalon.

Ep 45: The Hound of Ulster
Ep 57: The Gathering Pt 1