Avalon has brought you to her misty shores where members of the three races: gargoyles, human, and Fae exist in relative peace.  Tonight is the Festival of the Full Moon, when one's blood runs hot and women are honored.
Come guest, share a glass of mulled wine and partake of the dance while we celebrate the women from Disney's Gargoyles.  Do you see them?  They lead tonight's dance

 I shall tell thee their names so you may honor them individually: the Banshee, Beth Maza, Constance, Delilah, Diane Maza, Demona, Desdemona, Elisa Maza, Lady Finella, Fox Xanatos, Gruoch MacBeth, Hyena, Katana, Lunette, Maggie Reed, Obsidiana, Ophelia, Princess Katherine, Mary, Queen Titania, Riko, Robyn Canmore, Sacrifice, Sora, Turquesa, Una and the Weird Sisters.

Dost thou wish to know more?  Behold the Grinorum Acanarum, a magical talisman, safe in the hands of the Magus.  He can guide you to the correct chapters containing such knowledge as rare screenshots, personal biographies, and list of featured episodes.

Do not fear!  A world of wonder awaits thee.