Clan: Formerly Wyvern
Hatched: 938

Family: Goliath (rookery brother)/ Iago (rookery brother)/ Demona (rookery sister)
Mate: Coldstone aka Othello
Son: Gabriel
Alter Ego: Coldfire
Name Means: Ill-fated
Episodes: (16) Legion/ (22) City of Stone pt 1/ (26) Highnoon/ (62) Possession
Voice: CCH Pounder

Desdemona was part of the Castle Wyvern Clan and was fought over by Othello and Iago. She chose to be with Othello, and Iago was both bitter and determined she would one day be his. Shattered with the rest of the clan when the Vikings attacked in 994 AD, Desdemona was resurrected in 1994, by Demona and Xanatos. She, along with Iago and Othello resided in a combination of Coldstone’s body and cybernetics. After the merging of the three, Iago continued to pursue Desdemona but he was defeated by both a virus and Goliath’s help, thus allowing Desdemona and Othello to live in dormant peace.  When Coldstone’s body was stolen by MacBeth & Demona, Iago escaped through their new program portal.  Desdemona wanted to fight him but Othello dissuaded her.  Finally, they went through and stopped Iago once more.  Trapped once more, it took Puck and Alexander in disguise to transfer their souls into Angela, Broadway, and Brooklyn. Again Iago (Brooklyn) attempted to kidnap Desdemona (Angela) and Coldstone (Broadway) tried to keep their souls in their current bodies.  Luckily Iago chose to enter the cybernetic body of Coldsteel and Othello returned to Coldstone, while Desdemona entered the body of Coldfire.  The couple set off to find Coldsteel to stop him for good and are currently doing so.

In Greg Weisman's Master Plan, Coldstone and Coldfire would eventually rejoin the Manhattan Clan. On a side note, Desdemona was also a more spiritual gargoyle than most, almost priestly in nature.

Ep 16: Legion
Ep 22: City of Stone Pt 1
Ep 26: Highnoon
Ep 62: Possession