Clan: Mutates
Species: Lion
Family: Fang (rookery brother), Claw (rookery brother)
Mate: Talon aka Derek Maza
Name Means: A Pearl
Episodes: (15) Metamorphosis/ (32) The Cage/ (39) The Kingdom
Voice: Kath Soucie

Maggie came to New York from Ohio to be an actress, but ended up on the street. Desperate, she accepted the offer to be Dr. Anton Sevarius’s lab assistant. Sevarius, as Gen-U-Tec's chief geneticist & under Xanatos’s orders, transformed Maggie into a bat-winged lion mutate. She was forced to escape as bait to lure the gargoyles, & was contacted by Brooklyn.  Maggie was horrified and recaptured; this event brought the gargoyles to the lab, where they got involved in the plot to transform Derek Maza into Talon.  Maggie fled back to the Mutate Clan & Xanatos, especially Talon & she serves to curb his violence towards Goliath. Months later, Maggie once more talked Talon out of fighting Goliath & his sister, & let slip she’s been to their home. Maggie was sent as a decoy, this allowing Fang & Claw to restrain Hudson.  The trio returns next but subdues the Mutates.  The kidnapping of Sevarius results in a possible cure that Maggie wants to take but Talon begs her not to, saying she’s all that makes his life bearable.  Maggie & Talon meet his parents & set up home in the abandoned Labyrinth with the other Mutates. During Goliath & Elisa’s absence, Fang & Claw discover a weapons cache, keeping the special container as a prison.  Maggie is held captive as Fang takes over, but is freed by Claw during a battle. Talon is imprisoned next & Maggie begs the gargoyles to help.  Brooklyn aggrees & the clan attacks, tricking Fang into letting Maggie get close enough to free Talon & win.  Fang is imprisoned in a jail & later has the company of Demona whom the Mutates agree to guard during the day.  After her escape, the Mutates remain protecting the Labyrinth citizens.

Ep 15: Metamorphosis
Ep 32: The Cage
Ep 39: The Kingdom