Age: Born 1966
Also Known As: Robyn Correy
Family: Charles (dad)/ Jon (older bro)/ Jason (younger bro)
Name Means: Famous
Episodes: (63-65) Hunter's Moon
Voice: Sheena Easton

Robyn was born in 1966 to Charles Canmore; she has a brother Jason, 2 years older, & Jon, a younger brother. At 14, her father took them to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, to watch as he completed the Hunt & tried to kill Demona. Before the children, Charles was thrown to his death; in response Robyn spent her life training to hunt gargoyles & avenge her father.  In 1995, they heard rumors of gargoyle sightings in Manhattan & went to investigate. Robyn heard Dominique Destine had never been seen at night, & infiltrated Nightstone Unlimited under the alias Robyn Correy, who had a Masters Degree from the Sorbonne, & references from Edinburgh and Florence. Dominique was impressed & hired her. That night, Robyn and her brothers went to Xanatos's warehouse & encountered three gargoyles. Mistaking Angela for Demona they attacked & nearly killed her before realizing the mistake.  Knowing a full clan was in NY, Robyn returned to Nightstone Unlimited where Dominique introduced her to Dr. Anton Sevarius. That night, Robyn flew a route to attract & lure the gargoyles & she & Jon ambushed Goliath, Lexington, & Brooklyn as they fought Demona.  Capturing all, Robyn put a tracker Goliath before they escaped.  Using the tracker, she arrived at the clock tower & fired missiles into the tower. The clan survived but Robyn recorded their retreat then broke into Demona's safe, stealing her plans to kill humanity on the night of the Hunter’s Moon. During this time Jason & Elisa fell to their presumed deaths, so Jon & Robyn went to St. Damien's Cathedral where to kill Demona, but were attacked. Jason had seen the light & convinced Jon to end the Hunt who remembered Demona’s plan & accidentally shot Jason. Robyn saw Goliath destroy the Praying Gargoyle before taking Jason to a hospital where she was arrested.

In Greg Weisman's Master Plan, Robyn would be approached by a Federal Agent known only as the Director & offered the choice of leading a team on missions for him or spending the rest of her life in prison.  She accepts & coerces Dingo, Matrix, Yama, & Fang into joining.  She learns her brother changed his name to John Castaway & leads the Quarrymen.  She & Dingo would have a stormy relationship, but fall in love & get married. By 2198, their descendants would be at odds with the Castaways.

Ep 63-65: Hunter's Moon